So it’s time for the very first varnish of my Happy Nail Year celebration! Are we excited? Get your champagne glasses ready- drumroll please!


(Image courtesy of ©Ciaté’s website, http://www.ciatelondon.com/uk)


Tada! My pick for the month of January is the wonderful and perfectly posh London based brand Ciaté. Not only do I adore the fact that this company refers to their varnishes as “polish pots”, their packaging always makes it feel like a special occasion to treat yourself.

Ciaté London was founded by Charlotte Knight, who has turned a passion into a full blown global brand! (Can we talk about how amazing this woman is? Like seriously, she is a varnish vixen at it’s finest!) This collection holds 120 shades with almost every color to hit your every need. If I’m going to start out, why not start out with a brand that is not only inspiring, groundbreaking and simply amazing?

The prices of each polish range from $5-$11 (I’m using a US converter to figure this all out!) and different sets that can fit anyone’s budget. You can find the Ciaté in many different stores, but I usually purchase my own personal stash from Sephora and Burlington Coat Factory. Both stores hold many different discounts on the brand, but of course, for all the newest colors you can visit the Ciaté London official website. (Hint: There’s also a killer 70% off Winter Sale going on!)

Personally, I am a lover of the mini-mani paint pots, because they come in a variety of colors that can be a great one-off for a few paints before pushing you on to try a new color.

Stay tuned to the rest of the month to check out my different Ciaté spotlights!

And of course, hang around until the end of the month for my special Ciaté giveaway, so you all can take home a piece of my own personal collection that I love.

If you’ve been following me on instagram (@shaex5), I’ve been showcasing the various polish pots that I adore from Ciaté. I will continue to post those fun designs and tutorials on this blog along with throwing back some retro Ciaté styles that I’ve rocked in the past!



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