Here’s a step by step “how-to” guide to recreate this VHS-inspired manicure of the 1996 movie Independence Day. Why this film, you ask? Well check out Wednesday’s post “I PICKED A HELL OF A DAY TO QUIT DRINKING” for the full story on this out of this world decision!



  1.  Paint your nails with the clear base coat first! This will give an even surface for your polish to apply to and also it protects your nail beds from any staining (if you use a cheaper brand). Also, I find that it makes it easier for removal!
  2. Apply Ciaté’s Starlet as your base coat first, it should take a few minutes to “dry” with the use of the 4′ Mini personal fan. I chose this color because of it’s royal purple, blue and green transitioning texture. This goes great with the look of the space ship on the VHS box, which isn’t exactly gray in the least. The colors give your manicure depth!
  3. Apply a second coat. Paint to your own intensity! Wait about 10 minutes for the base coat to dry.
  4.  Use Ciaté’s Fit For A Queen to pool small bit of silver to make a semi large circle near your cuticule on all fingers. (as shown below). Allow for another 10 minutes in front of the fan to let the the dots dry.


    Pool a circle at the base of the nail.

  5. After the dots seem semi dry, next you are going to take a small amount of the Fit For a Queen polish and taper it toward the bottom without touching the end of the nail. Each taper should represent the tractor beam from the space ship touching down. (Boy, of all the things I thought I’d ever say in a nail tutorial…) This may take some patience!
  6. After you have applied the tractor beams, allow for each design to dry properly.
  7. NOTE: Why wait? Because when you put the top coat on, it may drag some of the sparkle from the design coat onto your space ship Starlet varnish. However, if it does, don’t fret! It’ll resemble the little lights on the space ship so it’ll end up as a happy mistake!
  8. Once everything had dried properly, put your top coat over your design and use the nail fan to dry!
  9. This nail session should take 45 minutes (depending on your patience!)


  • I implore you all to use Starlet and Fit For A Queen together at some point in your lives. The juxtaposition of color and shine pop on your nails giving this lovely look that goes with almost any outfit!
  • Just like Amazing Gracie, the Starlet mini went on perfectly with two coats and stayed smooth throughout.
  • I fared better with Fit For A Queen this time around because the colors get clumpy on me! Plus, the sparkle stayed the WHOLE TIME of the manicure- the full week! Which NEVER happens for me! Sometimes those shiny varnishes dull over time but this one glinted happily for me every time I looked at it.
  • This particular manicure lasted a week for me, however I do believe it would have probably lasted me longer! I change my nails every week but I could tell this one would have gotten to two weeks perfectly if I would have let it.
  • Overall, I’d grade Starlet and Fit For A Queen a perfect A+. Both were amazing, both are worth investing in and both are a vital part to any nail collection!


Make sure to post your own adaptations or let me know how this tutorial works out for you!



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