So I gave you all a little tease the other day regarding this week’s manicure. I wonder if any of your guesses came close as you were basking in the mystery.


Even though it’s the winter time, I’ve got summer on the brain! Especially since I found the 2014 Ciaté Summer Beach House Collection, I decided to go a little bit wild. I mean, you guys, I went a little crazy with this manicure. Did any of you guess what it was going to be from the teaser? If not, behold below:



I know the unknown rule of manicures is that you either match all of them or they all have to have some consistent color that ties everything together. Well, I decided to break the rules on this one. I decided to go with a whole “beachscape” theme that stems from left to right. The manicure in itself tells a story of a sunset at the beach- which I kind of love! You can’t just look at one finger to get the full story, you have to look at the manicure as a whole! So I will go one by one with this one and explain them.


    • The orange sun sets in the pink sky against the coast, with the palm tree swinging in the wind and the remnants of a beach towel and an umbrella sweep the sand.
  • INDEX 
    • The sand clumps and swells until it reaches the blue ocean.
    • A lone life preserver floats in the ocean as flecks of shells sparkle in the ocean around it.
  • RING
    • The deep blue ocean is sprinkled with mesmerizing flecks of sunlight that shimmer through the water.
    • We reach the ocean floor finally, where seaweed grows and sways in the currents.

With all the cold weather we have been having, it was actually nice to have a little vacation on my fingertips to keep me sane. I hope you all enjoyed my “beachscape” manicure. Check back this Friday for the tutorial of this varnish-venture. It’s going to be a doozy!

xx- varnishta


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