This isn’t just a simple manicure or some trendy pattern that’s been sweeping the runway- it’s a storyscape manicure that continues from nail to nail, typing a fun scene together for your own enjoyment! This manicure, The Beachscape, travels from sunset to ocean floor with the help of the Ciaté London Summer 2014 Beach House Collection.  


Even though this tutorial is in depth, I tried to condense everything to 10 steps!


  1.  Paint your nails with the clear base coat.
  2. First, paint your thumb with two coats of Ciaté’s Raspberry Collins, this is the start of the beachscape and will represent the sky.
  3. On the rest of your fingers, paint them with two coats of Ciaté’s Off Shore, this will be the ocean! Yay! (Dry with your mini fan.)offshore
  4. Once each finger has dried, apply Ciaté’s Beach Bum with small strokes to the bottom on your thumb, the bottom of your pinky and the tip of your index finger. This will represent the sand cascading from the beach into the ocean floor and the ocean floor itself. Use two coats for the top of the index and only one coat for the thumb and the pinky. Allow each to dry.
  5. Once your thumb has dried with one coat of sand, apply Ciaté’s Hopscotch in a half circle, just above the sand- to represent the sunset. Allow to dry for 5 minutes- the fan helps, I promise!
  6. Dip a Nail Art Precision Brush to dip into Ciaté’s Palm Tree to make, well, a happy palm tree on your thumb. On your pinky, make two or three squiggly lines to represent the seaweed of the ocean floor. Once finished, add a second coat to all your nails with sand. Allow 5 minutes to dry.
    1. If you don’t own a Nail Art Precision Brush, check out THIS beauty cheat code for an alternative!



  7. To help out the ocean theme use Ciaté’s Surf’s Up on all your nails that have “ocean” and “sand”. The holographic flecks enhance the feel to make it look like iridescent water and shiny shells in the sand! Allow for this to dry as well.
  8. Allow 10 minutes with your fan to dry!
    1. NOTE: As you can see, to give it a more beachy feel I used Amazing Gracie & Boudoir to make a life preserver on my middle finger; as well as a beach towel and beach umbrella. You don’t have to add all these odds and ends- but I usually go all the way out! Even without these little tokens, your beach scene will look fabulous!logo
  9. Once everything has had a preliminary dry- give it all a final top coat for extra seal and shine. Dry for 15 minutes!
  10. This nail session should take about an hour- depending on your patience!


  • Settle in loves, because this manicure took me a while to do. Mainly because I tend to get lazy doing large manicure products so I did all the base coats, let them dry overnight (i.e. went to sleep) then finished the accents in the morning.
  • Even though this manicure had a LOT of components, everything held up nicely! I mean, even sleeping on this (with the proper dry times) didn’t ruin anything for either hand!
  • The Off Shore mini is this beautiful blue color that I became obsessed with the moment I put it on my nails. I am totally over the moon for this one!
  • Beach Bum surprised me the most! I wasn’t sure how such a neutral tone would last as the sand accent- but let me tell you I was won over. Not only did it serve the beachscape beautifully, but it has easily become one of my favorite go-to colors.
  • I went a little overboard for the ocean accents, but if you want a simple beachscape, you can easily just do the sand and water. I just wanted mine to tell a little story!
  • The pink and orange sunset (Raspberry Collins + Hopscotch) went so well against the blue and helped enhance the colors of the trees and sun umbrella! Have fun with your colors! It’s a manicure- break the rules a little!
  • Unlike Snow Globe, the Surf’s Up mini with holographic flecks did NOT clump up on me. In fact, it stayed beautiful and consistent throughout!
  • To say that I piled on a lot of polish, this manicure lasted me the whole week! Chipping only started at the end of day 6 and even that was sparing. At this point, I am completely impressed by Ciaté and it’s last factor. Any polish can come on beautifully, but it’s the ones that stay that make the difference!
  • Overall, I’d grade the whole Ciaté Summer Beach House Collection and astounding A+. 

Make sure to post your own adaptations or let me know how this tutorial works out for you!



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