Valentine’s Day is just around the corner and I know you all are getting your nails and outfits together for the big day- so I got a jump on my own manicure. Usually everyone goes with the reds and the pinks for V-Day, yet I decided to stray from the norm.

I took a cue from the SinfulColors “Flirt with Hearts” collection and went with a teal themed manicure to give myself a bright pop of color that still gives off a romantic and happy feel. Trust me, you won’t go wrong with taking a chance on colors and designs that not many people venture toward.



Featured in this manicure, we have Rise & Shine for it’s bold teal color and smooth finish. For my accent nail, I did a base of Easy Going (pale pink) to enhance the effects of Pinky Glitter. To tie everything together, I topped off the design with teal hearts for that Valen-teals Day cohesion that I decided to run with.

It’s a fun and simple manicure that I actually had a lot of fun creating! I can’t wait to scroll through the tags and see what other amazing bloggers have come up with for that special day!

Stay tuned for Friday when I post the tutorial for this manicure!

xx- Varnishta


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