So it happened again, Varnishtas. I went on a simple run to the drugstore and ended up with a few new pieces to my already vast collection. I just couldn’t help it though! Look at the amazing colors that I happened upon! The Walgreens near my home should be nicknamed SinfulColors Station, because they have probably the largest selection of colors all under one roof!

So let us break down the ones I got today! (I’ve tried to link all the colors to a source so if you’re interested in purchasing any of these- just click on the bold names!)

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So the first three are have are wonderful different tones of gold. (From left to right)

  • GOLD MEDAL – A to-die for soft muted gold that shines brightly on it’s own or serves as an amazing base coat.
  • ALL ABOUT YOU – A bright shimmering gold that will make you feel like a million bucks.
  • COPPER POT – This color not only melts a beautiful copper onto your nails, but it will melt your heart immediately.

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The second batch is a variety of shimmer, shine and dark colors- all perfect for accents. (From left to right)

  • BLACK ON BLACK – A black base polish that will help enhance any effect or bright varnish.
  • WATCH IT SHINE – The perfect mix of silver glitter and holographic flecks.
  • LET ME GO – An iridescent polish that shifts from the lightest shade of lilac to a beautiful pastel teal.

If you can’t tell already, I am EXTREMELY excited about all of these colors! I just with there were more days in February for me to showcase them all for you! Seriously, it’s bananas that I found all these great shades at once and trust me- I will be doing pop up spotlight on these colors in the future!

xx- varnishta


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