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Happy Monday Varnishtas! I need your help.

In my previous post of, The Hunt, I talked about the pitfalls of finding the last few polishes I have missing from the Sinful Colors “Flirt With Hearts” Collection. Luckily, I do have a minor update for you all!

  • GoGo Girl
  • Daredevil
  • 24-7
  • Dream On
  • Rise and Shine
  • Love Sprinkles
  • Decadent
  • Pinky Glitter

By swift chance I happened to find GoGo Girl. Since it’s after Valentine’s Day- a lot of the stores in my area have put their v-day colors in one simple bin in which you have to dig through to find the color.

And yes,

I dug. And I found this color among with a few other colors I splurged and bought with them as well.

So I brought this home and I tried it out- against the No Text Red which I already own well.

(picks up cup of tea)

It’s conspiracy theory time. 

I can usually tell the difference between colors in the bottle- but sometimes colors are so similar that I untwist the top to see if I can tell from the liquid. If that doesn’t work, I swatch the colors two times:

  1. On Paper: To see any obvious differences against the white.
  2. On A Napkin: To compare the runoff (background or mixed colors) that the napkin soaked out while being swatched after putting a drop of remover in it.

And let me tell you- to me (AND AGAIN, THIS IS MY OPINION) No Text Red and GoGo Girl look exactly the same on paper, napkin in the bottle and on the nail. To the point where I’m squinting my eyes and tilting my head like- there HAS to be a difference.

They favor each other….A LOT. The only smidgen of a difference I could try to attest to is that GoGo Girl might be just a hair thicker than No Text Red. But even then I’d be stretching.

So if any of you happen to own both No Text Red and GoGo Girl– puh-lease tell me the difference between them because I am beat on the similarities of these colors.

xx – varnishta


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