With a month dedicated to an amazing brand like Salon Perfect with vibrant and bold colors- of course I had to choose a nail artist that excels in those very qualities! When I happened upon Setu Rohini’s nail designs on Instagram, I gawked at how beautiful and detailed they were. Her precision is incredible and each manicure she makes is a window into her vast imagination! Like her Evening In The Jungle Manicure, which is a beautiful storyscape that captures your attention nail by nail. Come on, there has to be an award for this alone!

Setu Rohini is not only a varnish vixen, but an international icon in my eyes. She is an Indian business analyst who finds time in her busy schedule to wind down and give us different tutorials and looks to recreate on her own. If that isn’t the definition of a renaissance woman, then I don’t know what is! On top of all of this, she runs a, a comprehensive site that shows off her nail art, different DIYs, reviews and even polishes for sale so you can recreate her styles on your own!

Setu isn’t just about showing off her designs, she’s all about informing and teaching which is something I completely adore about her. Below are a list of different social media platforms that Setu Rohini presently has, and I highly suggest you give her a follow. Just the way she addresses her readers is so personable and you feel like she’s sitting in front of you- teaching you how to create. I give her passion an A+ so I have no problem making her the nail envy of the week!


Note: All photos and images were used from Site and creditied or Instagram.

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xx- varnishta


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