SinfulColors Professional has upped the temperature with the brand new Spring Fever collection for Spring 2015. There not just 1 or 2 polishes that makes this collection envy-worthy. We’re talking 24 fabulous pigments for the upcoming season that are a must have for any collection! Spring Fever consists of the following:

  • Cloud 9 – Perfect orange (Reminiscent of a Flinstones Push Pop to me!)
  • Cream Pink – Bubble gum pink
  • Energetic Red – A classic fire engine red
  • Feel The Vibe – A bright splash of juicy orange
  • Gold Medal – The perfect metallic gold
  • Innocent – Green apple
  • Let’s Meet – Luxe lemon yellow
  • Let’s Talk – Royal purple
  • Nail Junkie – Sparkle-infused aqua
  • Navy I Do – True navy blue
  • Sail La Vie – Cerulean sea blue
  • Savage – A mate turquoise that pops
  • Sail La Vie- A subtly seductive purple
  • Thimbleberry – A crushing shade of coral
  • Why Not – A clear sky blue


  • Flight To See – Prismatic Plum
  • Prized Plume – Iridescent peacock-feather blue
  • Sheer Flight – Bejeweled emerald


  • Horizon Shine – High-Shine crimson red
  • Ring The Belini – Metallic tangerine
  • Zest Of Time – Lustrous magenta


  • Flower Power – Baby pink speckled with white & fuchsia
  • Petal Be The Day – Royal blue and purple confetti
  • Standing Bloom Only – A creamy mango with magenta flecks

I was given the opportunity to swatch and review 5 of these beautiful varnishes from the collection. PLUS, a bonus bottle review since I already happened to own one of the colors from the Spring Fever collection already!


The bottles appear darker than they do in person. I apologize! The lighting in my office isn’t the best. However, here is a closer shot just so you can get a look at the swatches.


  • Prized Plume
    • Much like the description, this varnish is a beautiful iridescent mix of blues and greens that would make anyone’s nails shine. On the swatch is 3 coats of polish, however, if you are looking for a lighter shine only use 1-2 coats.
  • Sail La Vie 
    • This blue is a must have for the spring! The swatch has 3 coats to really intensify the blue of the varnish that seems to have a surprise of small shimmer here and there for a nice pop of shine.
  • Navy I Do
    • Varnishtas- I am LIVING for this color. The swatch is only 1 coat of polish. Yes, 1 coat and it’s this deep beautiful navy color that is so drool worthy.
  • Standing Bloom Only 


    • I’ve actually tested out this one on my own nails just for a beautiful pop of spring (pictured right). I will say, this varnish works best in 1 coat only. Why? Because the creamy texture of the varnish covers the glittery magenta flecks from the first coat to leave the shimmer a little dull. So one coat and you’re golden! The base I used underneath Standing Bloom Only was Flamingo Flair from Salon Perfect to enhance the beautiful orange cream.
  • Ring The Belini
    • I love belinis, so I knew I’d love this color. It’s light and pretty and a citrus twist topper is a perfect phrase to describe it. Make sure to pick a light base so the shine of the metallic tangerine really pops!
  • Gold Medal (BONUS SWATCH)
    • So this is the varnish I already owned prior to receiving the other 5 bottles! I bought Gold Medal purely because of it’s rich gold color. It’s that perfect mix of neutral and metallic that won’t overpower your nails with shine but gives such a great pop and accent to any manicure!

All these polishes are available at Walgreens and any other mass retailers of SinfulColors Professional for $1.99* so you will NOT break the bank trying out these beautiful varnishes!


xx- varnishta

*prices vary depending on store location. 


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