For St. Patrick’s Day, I concocted a tutorial reminiscent of the beautiful castles nestled in Ireland with a neutral toned mossy green and sparkling golds to create this amazing look!



  1.  Paint your nails with the clear base coat.
  2. Paint all fingers with Magical Moss (Green). Allow to dry for 10 minutes. 
  3. Once dry, use the scissors to cut to pieces of tape in half. I used the edge pieces to shape a V on my finger- leaving the top half exposed. (see below)scotch
  4. Use Gold Medal to paint all over the exposed area of the nail. If the tape is secured correctly, it shouldn’t matter if you get the polish on the tape.
  5. convexGently peel the tape off of your finger to reveal the gold in a neat clean V shape. If it does no go straight down or you mess up- don’t worry! You can always go over it with a precision brush and gold to tighten up the lines. Allow 15-20 minutes to dry.
  6. Once dried, take Fool’s Gold and cover each of your nails with the top coat. I used two coats for an extra shimmery look but polish to your own intensity. Allow 15-20 minutes to dry.
  7. This nail session should take about1 hour- depending on your patience!




  • Magical Moss was such a wonder to use. I loved it for the beautiful tone of green that it provided! It wasn’t too bright and honestly, the dry time on this one was pretty perfect.
  • Gold Medal provided this wonderful muted gold that only added to the shimmer of the top coat, not taking away from the shimmer or even overpowering the colors. It melded easily with Magical Moss and definitely deserves the gold in this tutorial.
  • Fool’s Gold was definitely the star of this manicure and I LOVED the way it shimmered in the light and created this almost gradient feel from the green all the way to the gold bits. It was like dipping your fingertips in a pot of gold and I definitely have to rate this one as one of my favorite top coats!



  • The great thing about this manicure in particular was that the colors stayed shimmery and near perfect for the week that I rocked this on my nails! I recieved plenty of compliments and it was hard for me to even think of changing this manicure because it was just so darn awesome! A+ for the manicure.
  • I do have to say, just like most glitter or shimmer top coats, it did take a while to remove all of it with nail polish remover. Did it take an arm and a leg? Not at all, just be sure to bone up on your remover techniques and have some patience.

Make sure to post your own adaptations or let me know how this tutorial works out for you! Also, link me to your own St. Patrick’s Day nail designs! I’d love to see what styles you all went for!

xx – varnishta


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