So this manicure was a complete accident, but I completely adore it! The design mirrors that of a finger cuff- but I have gotten that it kind of looks like butterfly wings as well. Either way, each is perfect for a springtime look that will have the whole town talking!



  1. Paint your nails with the clear base coat.
  2. Paint all fingers with Easy Going. dot1
    • Use about 2 coats.
    • Allow 10 minutes to dry
  3. Once dry, use Rough Around The Edges top coat on all fingers. dot2
    • One coat is perfect enough- however, if you want a more intense speckled look, use two coats. 
    • Allow 10 minutes to dry.
  4. Take your nail angled nail art brush and draw a triangle leading toward the middle of your finger on each nail. You do not have to fill in the insides with the brush, just get the general outline of how sharp or angled you want your triangle to be. Leave enough space from the tip to still expose the textured top coat. dots5
    • Allow 10 minutes to dry.
  5. Use your nail polish brush on the lid of Black on Black to fill inside of the triangle to the base of your nail. You’re basically filling in the blank here. Make sure it is not so heavy of a coat- you still have to use the dotting tool as well!
  6. Use your nail dotting tool to make several dots around the edge of the triangle. This will give a more detailed focus for your nail besides the harshness of the black. dots9
    • Allow 10 minutes to dry.
  7. Use a top clear coat over the finished product to adhere all the layers and give it extra shine.
  8. This nail session should take about1 hour- depending on your patience!



  • Easy Going is a wonderful pale pink base coat for any heavy top coats your are looking for. It’s also wonderful by itself for the spring if you are going for more neutral colors. I will say it seemed a bit thin compared to the other polishes I’ve used- but since I was covering it with Rough Around The Edges- I wasn’t bothered by it. Plus, once it was added to the finish with the dotting tool, it creates this complex- but calming air about the manicure.
  • Rough Around The Edges is better than what I could have ever asked for! The pattern is so spectacular and the hot pink and black speckles go great together to create an eye pleasing pattern. It’s got a rough texture to it, but I think that bodes with with the overall look of course. It’s a 5 star top coat, I promise!
  • Black on Black as I’ve said before, is an amazing shade. It’s thick, it’s rich and it comes on perfectly. It’s the most best match to the colorful and busy pattern of the top coat and creates this stark contrast that is so captivating!
  • TIP: The triangles in the middle of the nail give the illusion of longer nails. So instead of hawking out the money for acrylic- invest in fun ways to trick your mani into making your nails look longer.

When I tell you I bought with so many different designs before I stumbled upon simple dots and a black elongating triangles- I am not joking! This one took a lot of trial and error; even though this wasn’t the manicure I had in my mind when I started- I am completely floored by the finish. I’ve gotten so many compliments on this manicure and most people can barely believe I did it myself. But it’s easy with the steps I provided! Don’t be afraid to experiment- it may pay off in a big way!

xx – varnishta



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