So I broke another nail again today you all! All my nails were growing perfect and pretty and bam- one just quits on me!

So now, with 9 even nails and 1 not up to par- I’ve come to a crossroads. Do I give my nail the chance to grow again while using the strengthener? Do I file the other ones short again and start over? Or do I get some acrylic nails to call it a day and make them even?

This usually is a simple decision, but it’s actually one I struggle with!

When I was in college, I had a roommate that was all about being “natural”. She used essential oils, she was about nature and going hiking and for walks just to think- she literally puked up good vibes and aura on a daily basis. College was where I first found my love for everything lacquer and I lived near Jamaica in Queens, NY where you can get a full set for $12 and call it a day.

Well, before “really” getting to know me, my roommate looked at my nails, ran up to me and the following conversation commenced:

  • Her: “Oh my God! Are those acrylics on your nails?”
  • Me: “Yeah?”
  • Her: “Those are so bad for you! You’re gonna ruin your nail beds!”
  • Me: “Really, I just thought they were-”
    • (One step too close in my personal space with a look of pure seriousness in her eyes)
  • Her: “Don’t ever get them again.”

That was in 2010. I don’t think I’ve had long acrylics since then. 

I’ve always been a nail biter so if I did do my nails, they’d never get long before I nomed on them. However, I’ve been doing really good this year with not biting them and getting them to a wonderful length. Yet now, I’m a day late and a nail short. I know they say acrylic nails are bad for you, but it’s a way for me not to bite, to have long nails and to still let them grow!

Should I get the acrylics, cut my nails short and restart of just rock the 9 finger nail look until the other one grows again? 

Comment below with your thoughts! I’d love to hear your own stories.




  1. I’ve always wanted acrylic nails! Maybe to stay a little natural just get a false nail for the broken one in a natural colour and ride it out until it grows back?


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