Sugar. Spice. And everything nice. These are what these varnishes are made of! I would love to introduce to you, the Varnish of the Month for April – Formula X!

These varnishes come in full size bottles or adorable minis and I cannot wait to show you all of the wonderful colors of this line for the beginning of Spring! April is the season for beautiful skies and bi-polar weather, so I think Formula X is the perfect secret weapon to get you through this rocky season. Formula X’s philosophy is performance x play; so this month we’ll delve into what that actually means. It’s special formula helps bring nail polish to new innovative heights and trust me, you feel like a rock star wearing this varnish. Now these varnishes are a little more on the expensive side ranging from $5-$13 depending on the bottle, but it is well worth the money- I guarantee it.

This product is usually found in Sephora [it’s main distributor], but it is also a stand alone brand that provides inspirations, tutorials and is always on top of the social media aspect to thrive as a company. This ain’t your mamas nail polish, it’s like you’re looking at the future of polish and I’m about to give you a first class ride!

Enjoy this month of tutorials, spotlights and all around epicness that is- Formula X.

xx – varnishta

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