This multi nail file and buff seemed like the answer to all my prayers! You don’t just get a nail file! This handy nail tool flips to the following settings:

  • 1. course grip to shape nail
  • 2. medium grip to shape
  • 3. fine grit to shape
  • 4. even out nail surface
  • 5. smooth nail surface
  • 6. buff nail
  • 7. polish nail

Seriously, what more can you want? I was very pleased my first time using this nail buffer and the results were quite amazing. Then I used it a second time and noticed that the buffer was beginning to scratch and fall apart. I figured I just wasn’t being gentle enough, so I wrote it off as that. Then I used it a 3rd time, and the course, medium and fine grit sides were basically useless. I showed the final result after 3 uses below and how scratched up and ragged it becomes. I’ve barely used this on my nails! Parts 4-7 still work, but the buffer itself is beginning to crack and bend, threatening to break!


Damage after 3 uses.

As much as I want to enjoy this buffer, I just can’t. Maybe it’s because it is supermarket quality, but I’ve never had a problem with nail files I’ve bought from drug stores before!

Comment below if you seem to have the same problem with buffers like these! If you can reccomend any good ones, I’d love to check them out.

xx- varnishta

*I am not entirely sure on the accuracy of this price since I lost my reciept! I will double check and update!



  1. I have the same one and it is horrible 😦 glad to see i am not the only one, at the same time it stinks we all waste money on trial and error products for our needs. we have a lot in common 🙂


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