Hey Varnishtas! So as the month is winding down, you know it is time for the Formula X Month In Review. I’ve picked my favorite colors from this month and now I get to gush about how much you should try them! My favorite thing to do- ever. I have been using the Formula X Paint The Town collection and a few bottles of colors I love to try out these! All the ones above can be found in the Paint The Town Collection- which is an amazing collection that you should try out. It gives you this lovely array of color that can satisfy any varnish need.

  • WHITE MATTER- Everything matters about White Matter. It’s this GORGEOUS creme-white that makes you feel pretty and perfect in just a few strokes. I don’t recommend this as a base, just because it doesn’t come on as thick as the other colors. However, if you are looking for an elegant and classy color to wear for an evening out (or an evening in), this color is all the rage. It gets a B+ in my book!
  • GEMINI – This color is what I am LIVING for. Seriously. I used this in my Pop Art manicure and the pop of color was amazing. Gemini is this beautiful light maroon color that is not watery. It comes out in about two strokes and the color is so brilliant. I’ll give this one an A. I’m not sure I’d use it over and over again, but for any kind of accent colors or something quick and on the go I would definitely recommend it.
  • MOON SIGN – This color gets an A+ from me. This one was used in my Under The Moonshine It is that perfect blue glitter polish (not too dark, not too light) that will enhance any look. This polish is so beautiful and the amount of glitter in each stroke is divine. There is this beautiful glitter that happens in the sunlight and I would recommend this for anyone looking for a fun polish for the Spring.

xx – varnishta


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