Along with nail polish, I actually have a hefty supply of nail polish remover in my collection. Not because I collect them like my prized varnishes. I tend to misplace my removers a lot and end up buying another one over and over again. At least this way, I’ve tried a lot of different ones and thought I’d give you all a little review.

Onyx Professional is one of my favorites. You get 16fl. oz. for less than $3 and it lasts a long time. I was impressed with this product and the fact that you can get it at Walmart is a plus. I will say that the Lavender seems more for show than anything else- seeing as though it smells more like chemicals than anything else. However, it does get polish off rather quickly. A few swipes with a cotton ball and it’s gone!

I do have to say if there is any setback about this product, it promptly fails the glitter polish test. It doesn’t remove it as swiftly as it does any other polishes- but what remover does? Overall, this remover gets a solid A from me!

xx – varnishta


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