Summer is here and you know that SinfulColors always has you covered with amazing and affordable polish to keep you dazzling all summer. This summer, SinfulColors transports you across the globe with an on-trend collection of several hues that reflect the vibrant and eclectic chaos from around the world.  As much as I would like to preview the ENTIRE collection for you all, here is a dash of colors that will be sure to whet your appetite. I’ve got a collection of six, yes- six new colors that you must add to your collections. Let’s get started, shall we?

  • Maroon Fine
    • This cleverly named varnish is a beautiful shimmering maroon orange with a small hint of red in the after glow. It reminds you of a summer sunset, how the hot oranges and faint shades of pink tire away the restless day. This is a definite summer must have and a beautifully unique color.
  • Color Tag
    • Color Tag reminds me of adventurous and bold graffiti. I will say that it reminds me of a few other varnishes I have in this sort of top coat- but I would definitely pair this one with your bright varnishes to add a pop of intrigue. It’s sassy and bold- just like you are!
  • Cherry Blossom
    • This one is another shimmering pink meant to brighten up your dullest of days. I would recommend pairing this one with a thicker white base coat to really show the colors of the pink. It’s dainty and classy, which is why I adore this one a lot.
  • Sky Tree
    • Sky Tree is a dazzling teal aqua that stems from some beautiful enchanted forest in a far away land- or at least that is what I like to think. The color comes on thick and two coats definitely do this one justice. It’s perfect for the pool or the park, you’ll be ready for fun in the sun.
  • Love Nails
    • Love Nails is more of an iridescent aqua that definitely needs a base coat to make it pop. If you’re looking for just a hint of color- this one is all you will need.



  • Pink Aspen
    • My overall favorite from this preview has to be Pink Aspen. It is a pink shimmer top coat that shines majestically over any base you put it with. In the photo I paired it with a cotton candy base so it truly gives this barely there shine which I have gotten tons of compliments on.

The bottles appear darker than they do in person. I apologize! The lighting in my office isn’t the best. However, here is a closer shot just so you can get a look at the swatches. All these polishes are available at Walgreens and any other mass retailers of SinfulColors Professional for $1.99* so you will NOT break the bank trying out these beautiful varnishes! FOLLOW SINFULCOLORS ON SOCIAL MEDIA:

xx- varnishta *prices vary depending on store location.  **this is a sponsored post. 


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