So today, I made the mistake of straying away from my usual nail salon. I was across town- nowhere near where I usually go and just wanted to get a polish color change. So I figured, why not just stop somewhere around me, right? It’s a couple of bucks and I get to scope out some new nail territory.

So I went by this place called Magic Nails. Enchanting, right? I just walked in and went straight for the China Glaze colors, but noticed every single nail tech had their feet up and on their phones on the pedicure/massage chairs. Which I thought nothing of, because it wasn’t like it was busy or anything. Also, all the nail polish was old and faded.

That was the first sign. 

It looked like no one had come in the salon for years because all the colors had filtered out and separated into levels and I had to legit shake them to actually see what color the various blend would make. But hey, I still wanted to be optimistic. So I picked a color and moved on.

As I was sitting getting my manicure- I noticed dust. Everywhere. Now this place had updated chairs and nice tv’s, but everything was dusty. And you know when you get a manicure, your eyes wander. All their tools had dust on them, the metal equipment holders had rust spots on them. There were legit cobwebs hanging from the ceiling and into the frames of the ambiguous white woman showing off her nails. It was dirty in there.

All I have to say is I didn’t realize I was getting a manicure in a haunted house. 

My manicure was perfect though and the color came out nice, but come on, son. Even when I went to the dry station to put my hands under, there was dust all on my hands and you could see the handprints under the stations.

Lesson- NEVER stray from your dedicated nail salon. You will be punished. 

Comment below with your nail salon horror stories; I’d love to read them.

xx – varnishta



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