photo from sally hansen facebook

photo from sally hansen facebook



Happy September, Varnishtas! I’m excited for this month because the varnish of choice is a pioneer of it’s time.

Can you believe that Sally Hansen polish has been around since the late 1950’s? The Sally Hansen website even states that her motto was, “Educate the consumer and develop quality , practical products that were competitively priced and easy to use.”

I completely adore this brand mainly because of the vast variety of products. The Triple Shine formula always glistens even without a top coat, Insta-Dri is perfect for on-the-go adventures, Miracle Gel is a pearl in every nail polish collection and do not even get me started on how I swear by their nail care products! Even their Salon Effect Nail Polish strips give that fresh manicure illusion without all the hassle.

While Hard As Nails has [and always will be] a premiere staple in the polish industry; Sally Hansen continues to produce new colors and nail care techniques that revolutionize the field. So you can see why it was a no brainer why Sally Hansen was chosen as my September Happy Nail Year Varnish!

Enjoy a month full of fun tutorials, spotlights and reviews for this amazing and affordable brand.

xx – varnishta


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