When it comes to a Sally Hansen product that I swear by- it has to be the Nailgrowth Miracle Serum. I had a lot of problems with nail growth serums before, mainly because they grown your nails, but they do NOT make them stronger. They are long but you have to deal with them being brittle and weak.

Not with this little miracle in a bottle. When I use the Nailgrowth Miracle Serum it not only makes my nails longer, but stronger on top of everything else! I’m not usually a person to make a $10.00 investment on a bottle of polish; but I needed this one badly. Especially with all the nail problems I’ve had after my acrylics. I am downright thankful I own this product. I wouldn’t be singing it’s praises unless it worked for me.

Check out your local Walgreens, Walmart or drug store and see if they have this baby in stock!

xx – varnishta

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