So I went shopping today at Big Lots and there was a mega discount on some Revlon Parfumerie Polish; so you know I had to stock up. The Revlon Parfumerie brant is a unique polish that comes in bold colors and dries to emit a beautiful scent. [I CANNOT wait to try these] I got some great colors that I believe are perfect for the fall season! So check them out below:

  • Italian Leather [$1.50]
    • Now this one was a MUST have for the upcoming fall season. You have this beautiful army shade of green with gold shimmer that adds all the pop you need. I will definitely be rocking this color when the time comes.
  • Moonlit Woods [$1.50]
    • A royal lavender/blue perfect for the changing weather and tides.
  • Beachy [$1.50]
    • A beautiful gold tone shimmer polish reminiscent of a deep gold majestic sand.
  • Sour Patch Watermelon [$1.00]
    • I know this isn’t polish, but I do love these more than Sour Patch Kids. They just taste sooooooo goooooood! Don’t judge me. They were only $1.00 and I will enjoy them!

xx – varnishta


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