Once again we are here at the close of them month to go over some of my favorite Sally Hansen products! September went by super quick and now that the chill of fall is in the air, I’m excited for the changing season and my Pumpkin Spice Latte! I had a bit of a purple spell over the course of the month and those are the colors I ventured toward. However, these three actually charmed me with their spell! Let’s get them from left to right, shall we?

  • Sally Hansen nailgrowth Miracle [$5.66]
    • When my nails were ruined and brittle from my acrylics I felt overwhelmed and pretty sad about the damage. However, this Sally Hansen products has been a godsend by far. Not only have I noticed nail growth- but my nails have actually gotten stronger. They’re harder to cut mainly because they have gotten healthier since using this product. Go grab this for your emergency beauty kits- ASAP. A+. 
  • Sally Hansen Color Foil – Pink Platinum [$7.02]
    • I know I said I was all for the purples this season, but this metallic pink is the business. It’s a liquid that gives that vibrant foil effect and lasts for days! This product runs online for about $7 and up, but can you believe I found this on SALE at Marshalls for only $1.99? Most Sally Hansen effect polishes run a bit on the expensive side to be quite honest. To combat that, check out those bargain stores for some hidden treasures- you’ll be sure to find some. A
  • Sally Hansen Insta-Dri – City Slicker [$3.98]
    • City Slicker is one of those beautiful true creme plum purples that I can see myself using over and over again. One coat works miracles on your nails and I’ve been wearing this one for a week now without serious chipping or peeling. Plus, it’s holding up a design without muddling the shimmer which is a big plus for me! I usually go for deep purples but this one stands the test of time and I am very pleased with it. A
  • HONORABLE MENTION – Miracle Gel – Boho-A-Gogo [$7.17]
    • I literally just found out about this color yesterday and I have fallen head over heels in LOVE with it. This color hasn’t shown up in the stores around me yet [granted I’ve only searched my nearest Walmart] but as soon as it pops up I am snatching this one up! A+++++

Comment below with your fave Sally Hansen looks for this month! And stay tuned for the September Happy Nail Year Giveaway which I know everyone will enjoy!

xx – varnishta


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