photo from tumblr, GEORGES HOBEIKA Couture Fall/Winter 2016

October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month so when I came across these beautiful Georges Hobeika Couture Fall/Winter 2016 dresses; I knew I had to color swatch them. The gradients from black to pink are so perfect and all the dresses look amazing. Since OPI is the Varnish of the Month, I put together a short list of fabulous colors that would top off these looks. Check them out below!

Note: Someone on Tumblr upped the saturation on these photos, so if you are looking for them on the Georgeos Hobeika site- they will be a softer pink than the high res ones pictured.


With all the polish and fun, take a moment to check out Breast Cancer Research Foundation [] for more information of how you can help find a cure or support those in need.For the month of October, any donation you make to the Breast Cancer Research Foundation will be matched up to $50,000! That means if you donate $25, your donation will count for $50.

How awesome is that?

This month is all about health and detection so please take the time to take care of yourself and do a self-breast exam or schedule a mammogram with your doctor. Early detection is key.

There are so many other sites and resources that can help with breast cancer research so I implore you to do your research and find the organization that is right for you.

xx – varnishta


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