I few days ago I asked you all what your favorite OPI polish was. It was great reading the responses and checking out those colors. You all have some amazing taste. Of course, it wouldn’t be fair if I didn’t share my own.

My all time favorite OPI polish comes from the 2012 The Amazing Spider Man Collection. This one came around the time where there was a lot of “movie” cosmetic collabs and I wasn’t really into a lot of them. However, there was one color that stopped me straight in my tracks and I knew I was going to love it . It wasn’t even just that- when I got my manicure and wore the color in the world [that sounds so dramatic] it was even more amazing. OPI’s Just Spotted the Lizard is drop-dead gorgeous. It’s the reason I gravitate toward those light changing colors. In some light it’s gold, others it’s green and if you catch it in the right glimpse it is a shimmering blue. It reminds you of those shiny reptile scales and probably a main reason why I adore it. Check it out, everyone, it is amazing.

Also, don’t mind my nails in the picture. It’s pre-mani and I was letting them breathe.

xx – varnishta


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