• Ballet Slippers (A) – This polish is one of my all time favorites from Essie, so of course it made the list for my top this month. It’s an Essie classic that goes with just about everything- plus you can’t go wrong with a perfect pale pink.
  • Bordeaux (B+) – The sexiest red from Essie in my opinion. Now the texture I used on the photo makes it look darker than it actually is, but this is one that needs to be part of your collection. Does it beat my OPI O’Hare and Nails Look Great or Malaga Wine? No- but for Essie it’s a beautiful statement polish that can really pull a look together.
  • Smokin’ Hot (B) – I am in love with these darker shades for the winter and this polish definitely hits the mark. It’s a grey tone purple that will keep you warm on even the coldest days and dare I say- it does look good in a selfie.
  • Wicked (A+) – My favorite polish this month. Hands down. It’s dark and sexy and it just gets you in the mood for mischief. I loved this shade so much I rocked it for longer than usual- mainly because it has a lasting power that most polished do not. It is thick and paints on smooth, plus it dies evenly and all you need is a touch up here and there. Go get this polish- better yet, don’t. That will leave more bottles for me!
  • Essie All In One (B) – I got this All-In-One after I ran out of my Sally Hansen base coat that I have been using. I haven’t had this one very long, but I do enjoy this so far. Once I get more use out of it, I will definitely give you an update.

xx – varnishta


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