photo by polarityart on etsy


Drippy Pastel Fake Nails – $10.00

I have never really ventured into the custom nail game, but I was ready to suit up when I found these awesome nails by Polarity Art. You can check out her site linked above, she has tons of nail art, nail decals and all sorts of awesome nail goodies all made by her hands. Yes, these nails are hand painted by Polarity Art and sent to you for application. All you need is nail glue or a good manicurist that can apply them and voila! There is your nail art for the week, month or however long you want to keep them. All you have to do is pop them on and off an they’ll last for a while. Send Polarity Art all the Varnishta love and don’t forget to comment below with your own favorite custom nail art sites!

xx – varnishta


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