The SinfulColors giveaway had to be one of my favorites. I know for this one I didn’t give away tons of polish like the previous giveaways. However, I loved the fab feedback that I got once I shipped off the Flirt With Hearts Collection. 


Above we have February winner Haley S. with her mom enjoying the awesome SinfulColors collection that she won. This probably made my day because I get to actually see my Varnishtas really getting into Happy Nail Year. I love to see you all enjoying the giveaways that I do and really having fun with it. The giveaways are my favorite part so I spend all month curating them in hopes that it will satisfy the lovely winner’s varnish vibes!

Welp, the recap has winded down to the end and tomorrow will officially be the anniversary of Varnishta- which means I have an EPIC giveaway coming your way!

What has been your favorite giveaway from Varnishta in the last year?

xx – varnishta 


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