• Violet-Vibes – Ultra-violet purple crème
  • Glow with the Flow – Ultra bright baby pink crème
  • Red-y to Rave – Unstoppable neon red crème
  • Daisy Know My Name? – Hi-light yellow crème
  • DJ Blue My Mind – Vivid blue crème
  • Treble Maker – Glowing green crème

This is the set that my Treble Maker manicure came from and I am completely in love with it! I love my neons in the summer and the China Glaze Electric Nights Collection hit every single bold note. Every color is fun and adventurous and the mini polishes are great on the go! I got mine from my local Ulta for $14.95! Stop in and check out these amazing colors because they will brighten up your night life!

xx – varnishta

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photo from china glaze website


With the summer heating up and the days growing longer, why not invest in a lacquer that will last all day with you? That is why for July, I am excited to spotlight China Glaze on Varnishta! Founded in 1998, China Glaze is a professional Nail Lacquer and Treatment industry that believes in power and beauty within every woman!

China Glaze not only features fashion forward colors, but true long lasting shine that will have everyone envious of your manicure. The brand is geared toward the true nail tech in all of us, so why not treat yourself to some prime polish? China Glaze polish range from $4-$8 depending on where you purchase them, but the quality is still the same. They are about mid range in a budget, so you won’t be breaking the bank trying to get a bottle.

You can find China Glaze at your local JCP salon, Ulta Beauty or Sally Beauty Supply stores. Of course, you may come across some great finds at a Marshalls or TJ Maxx as well depending on your location. There is always a treasure in store when you go on a hunt for some great polish!

The China Glaze website not only features their vast array of products, but links to their social media pages which includes an active Twitter and Facebook, their fashion forward Instagram and a Youtube filled with tutorials and spotlights that anyone would love to emulate. They even have a trending poll that shows what colors are all the rage right now! So enjoy the summer sun and scroll through Varnishta for some fun China Glaze spotlights and colors that you’ll by running to go out and try!

xx – varnishta