I’d like to take a moment to recognize Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Day. Not only was Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. the pinnacle of non-violent activism for the civil rights movement; he is a keystone pillar of equal rights even when times like the present don’t seem like it’s getting any better. His words are still inspiring, his “I Have A Dream” speech rings clearly through everyone’s ears in times of valor, sadness and even in unrest. I know as an African American I would not be where I am today without the roads that were paved by the nonsovereign times of those before me. Today isn’t just about having the day off or work or celebrating some sale that is being bolstered in the media. It’s about reflection and recognition of the past and trying to figure out in these trying times how not to repeat it…or continue living in it.

If you would like to learn more about Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. or The King Holiday, check out the thekingcent

TOWN HALL – Varnish Rehab

What varnishes do you all turn to when you want to de-stress? Do you have old favorites or are you like me and love trying out new polishes? (see previous post)

Comment below with the polish that helps you through hard times. 

xx – varnishta 


What are some polish colors that truly show the spirit of Thanksgiving?

It could be crisp fall colors or ones that are warm and remind you of home. I was just wondering what are other people’s go-to shades besides orange.

Comment below with your suggestions!

xx – varnishta

Town Hall – Essie-ntials

What Essie Polish is a jus have for your collection? Ballet Slippers is a go to polish that will always be a classic for me. The baby pink polish always makes me feel proper and pretty! 

Comment below with your own Essie essential polish. 

xx – varnishta


The summer season is all about bright colors, pastels and all around fun fashionable varnishes. While the fall and winter season always has people in a more darker shaded polish mood. I’m all for wearing whatever color makes you happy whenever you feel like it. But that got me wondering; are there certain polish colors that are a “no-no” for the upcoming seasons? If so- what are they?

What polish color should we leave behind as the season changes?

In my opinion, I love my pinks for the summer but I rarely ever wear them in the fall.

Comment below with your thoughts!

xx – varnishta