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Ah, the tried and true emery board. I feel like you aren’t a true Varnishta if you haven’t had [and lost] at least five of these things. Emery boards are probably the easiest form of file you can find. I can always get one from my local beauty supply or even a dollar store! Just look at the price from Walgreens- $1.49 for 20 of these bad boys!

What are emery boards? They are pieces of cardboard that have emery paper glued to them, with makes them abrasive for filing nails and flexible to use. Most emery boards have two sides- a coarse side for shaping and a textured one for soothing the nails.

When I misplace my fancy glass nail file or don’t feel like using my metal one; I always have one of these nearby just for a quick file down. They may not have the best upkeep and most emery boards are finished after a few uses- but they are cheap and easy to find. They are perfect for minor shaping or if you need a fix up here or there. So let’s celebrate the emery board everyone!

xx- varnishta