When it comes to a Sally Hansen product that I swear by- it has to be the Nailgrowth Miracle Serum. I had a lot of problems with nail growth serums before, mainly because they grown your nails, but they do NOT make them stronger. They are long but you have to deal with them being brittle and weak.

Not with this little miracle in a bottle. When I use the Nailgrowth Miracle Serum it not only makes my nails longer, but stronger on top of everything else! I’m not usually a person to make a $10.00 investment on a bottle of polish; but I needed this one badly. Especially with all the nail problems I’ve had after my acrylics. I am downright thankful I own this product. I wouldn’t be singing it’s praises unless it worked for me.

Check out your local Walgreens, Walmart or drug store and see if they have this baby in stock!

xx – varnishta





Another month has gone by and I’m excited to show you my favorite polish picks for the month! I’ve gone with my go-tos and the colors that I went completely crazy over for the month of August!

    • When I saw this color online, I freaked out about how pretty it looked. The blue was so deep and striking I was sure this had to be some sort of texture or post effect manipulation. However, when I purchased this color in store, the blue was even more vibrant than I imagined! Plus, it just pops on your hands for a beautiful finish.
    • This was my choice polish “End of Summer” polish and I don’t regret it. It teeters the line of a perfect Summer pink and a Fall floral that hits the ground running. It’s not too bright and never dull- my kind of polish indeed.
  3. ROSE
    • Rose is a beautiful red perfect for the upcoming fall. I’m all about the fierceness a good red polish can bring you so brave- rose! It’s definitely a Fall essential.
    • I bought a lot of F21 Gel Look polishes over the course of this month. As much as I loved the way they all wore perfectly with only one coat of polish, they do have a $1 extra price lift than the other polishes. So by going with this clear top coat, I can just put this on any of my regular polishes and get that Gel Look feel! I love it, A++.

xx – varnishta



Another month has come to an end and I am so glad I got to share so many things about Wet N Wild with you! The month has been filled with amazing colors, but I have narrowed things down to my top three varnishes from Wet N Wild. As you can see, I kind of have a familiar palette for this month but I can’t help but ogle over this gold and cafe colors.

    • This one gets a bonafide, certified A+ from me. I got a visitor and like spike when I posted my Varnishta wish list of this one, so I had to run out and buy it for myself. This color glides on so smooth and two coats is enough to give off the finesse and shine it carries. I recommend this color to all!
    • So this dual bottom and top coat I basically use with everything. When I’m not trying to grow my nails, this is the most reliable polish I trust my cuticles with. It’s got a manicure pro brush for application and it just leaves your nails all shiny and nice. A
    • Not only do I LOVE the name of this color, I love the light beige finish of it. It comes off this cool cappuccino color. It’s a great base for any design and an even better neutral for the days where you want to play it cool. A B+ and a nice cup of coffee is what I envision here!




Summer is here and you know that SinfulColors always has you covered with amazing and affordable polish to keep you dazzling all summer. This summer, SinfulColors transports you across the globe with an on-trend collection of several hues that reflect the vibrant and eclectic chaos from around the world.  As much as I would like to preview the ENTIRE collection for you all, here is a dash of colors that will be sure to whet your appetite. I’ve got a collection of six, yes- six new colors that you must add to your collections. Let’s get started, shall we?

  • Maroon Fine
    • This cleverly named varnish is a beautiful shimmering maroon orange with a small hint of red in the after glow. It reminds you of a summer sunset, how the hot oranges and faint shades of pink tire away the restless day. This is a definite summer must have and a beautifully unique color.
  • Color Tag
    • Color Tag reminds me of adventurous and bold graffiti. I will say that it reminds me of a few other varnishes I have in this sort of top coat- but I would definitely pair this one with your bright varnishes to add a pop of intrigue. It’s sassy and bold- just like you are!
  • Cherry Blossom
    • This one is another shimmering pink meant to brighten up your dullest of days. I would recommend pairing this one with a thicker white base coat to really show the colors of the pink. It’s dainty and classy, which is why I adore this one a lot.
  • Sky Tree
    • Sky Tree is a dazzling teal aqua that stems from some beautiful enchanted forest in a far away land- or at least that is what I like to think. The color comes on thick and two coats definitely do this one justice. It’s perfect for the pool or the park, you’ll be ready for fun in the sun.
  • Love Nails
    • Love Nails is more of an iridescent aqua that definitely needs a base coat to make it pop. If you’re looking for just a hint of color- this one is all you will need.



  • Pink Aspen
    • My overall favorite from this preview has to be Pink Aspen. It is a pink shimmer top coat that shines majestically over any base you put it with. In the photo I paired it with a cotton candy base so it truly gives this barely there shine which I have gotten tons of compliments on.

The bottles appear darker than they do in person. I apologize! The lighting in my office isn’t the best. However, here is a closer shot just so you can get a look at the swatches. All these polishes are available at Walgreens and any other mass retailers of SinfulColors Professional for $1.99* so you will NOT break the bank trying out these beautiful varnishes! FOLLOW SINFULCOLORS ON SOCIAL MEDIA:

xx- varnishta *prices vary depending on store location.  **this is a sponsored post. 



So my May Varnish of The Month has served me well; so as the month comes to a close you know I MUST give you my top picks when it comes to The New Black. We shall start off with my go to varnish set!

  • Walrus (above) – Is a solid A for me. The whole set is this beautiful range of nudes and bases that go with every outfit and can satisfy every mood. Literally, it is the best nude palette I’ve owned to date. The colors come on thick and don’t chip away super easy, which is a big plus for me. Also, the design I did on my nails were all from these polishes above, so I didn’t have to come in with thicker colors to stick! A totally reliable set that I will use again and again! base
  • Magical Moss (right)- I’ve stated this before and I will state this again, I ADORE the green shade in this set. It’s this purely magical shifting green that adds dimension to any manicure you’re going to do. Also the shimmering gold and green polish with red flecks brings this manicure to a whole different level! A+++++!top
  • Femme Fatale (left)- Is it possible for a varnish to be like, the sexiest color you have every used? Because when it comes to Femme Fatale, the deep purple color is so captivating it just evokes this confidence that I am all about! Seriously, it’s like having a secret weapon on your nails. When it comes to the shimmer in this set, I’m not completely in love with it. However, I think the deep purple makes up for what the gold shimmer lacks. B+.

xx – varnishta




Hey Varnishtas! So as the month is winding down, you know it is time for the Formula X Month In Review. I’ve picked my favorite colors from this month and now I get to gush about how much you should try them! My favorite thing to do- ever. I have been using the Formula X Paint The Town collection and a few bottles of colors I love to try out these! All the ones above can be found in the Paint The Town Collection- which is an amazing collection that you should try out. It gives you this lovely array of color that can satisfy any varnish need.

  • WHITE MATTER- Everything matters about White Matter. It’s this GORGEOUS creme-white that makes you feel pretty and perfect in just a few strokes. I don’t recommend this as a base, just because it doesn’t come on as thick as the other colors. However, if you are looking for an elegant and classy color to wear for an evening out (or an evening in), this color is all the rage. It gets a B+ in my book!
  • GEMINI – This color is what I am LIVING for. Seriously. I used this in my Pop Art manicure and the pop of color was amazing. Gemini is this beautiful light maroon color that is not watery. It comes out in about two strokes and the color is so brilliant. I’ll give this one an A. I’m not sure I’d use it over and over again, but for any kind of accent colors or something quick and on the go I would definitely recommend it.
  • MOON SIGN – This color gets an A+ from me. This one was used in my Under The Moonshine It is that perfect blue glitter polish (not too dark, not too light) that will enhance any look. This polish is so beautiful and the amount of glitter in each stroke is divine. There is this beautiful glitter that happens in the sunlight and I would recommend this for anyone looking for a fun polish for the Spring.

xx – varnishta




This multi nail file and buff seemed like the answer to all my prayers! You don’t just get a nail file! This handy nail tool flips to the following settings:

  • 1. course grip to shape nail
  • 2. medium grip to shape
  • 3. fine grit to shape
  • 4. even out nail surface
  • 5. smooth nail surface
  • 6. buff nail
  • 7. polish nail

Seriously, what more can you want? I was very pleased my first time using this nail buffer and the results were quite amazing. Then I used it a second time and noticed that the buffer was beginning to scratch and fall apart. I figured I just wasn’t being gentle enough, so I wrote it off as that. Then I used it a 3rd time, and the course, medium and fine grit sides were basically useless. I showed the final result after 3 uses below and how scratched up and ragged it becomes. I’ve barely used this on my nails! Parts 4-7 still work, but the buffer itself is beginning to crack and bend, threatening to break!


Damage after 3 uses.

As much as I want to enjoy this buffer, I just can’t. Maybe it’s because it is supermarket quality, but I’ve never had a problem with nail files I’ve bought from drug stores before!

Comment below if you seem to have the same problem with buffers like these! If you can reccomend any good ones, I’d love to check them out.

xx- varnishta

*I am not entirely sure on the accuracy of this price since I lost my reciept! I will double check and update!


Hey Varnishtas!

So I purchased two new collections the other day that I would LOVE to shar with you all! One met my expectations and was a great purchase! The other…well, I’ll get into that in a bit. I am SO glad that I purchased a nail sample wheel from my local beauty supply store! It takes all the guess work out of trying to figure out whether a varnish is thick enough or will last the test of time! Plus- you can really get down to the nitty gritty of the actual color payoff!


The first collection was The New Black Ombre Set in Walrus. This lovely set features beautiful neutrals in a dazzling progression from light to dark! The medium tone tans and beiges are my favorites- but each color glides on gracefully and the dry time is fast. I used two coats of each to get the depth of colors but all in all- I was SUPER happy with this purchase!


The second collection is the Adrienne Vittadini Studio 6-Piece Nail Polish Set + Buffer. Where do I begin with this one. I paid $5.99 for the set which I though was SUCH a bargain- but unfortunately this is a case of “you get what you pay for”. It took me FOUR COATS of polish to get any sort of depth of color to stay on my nail sample wheel. The consistency of the varnish seems watery and barely stays. It is streaky and doesn’t settle into smoothness the way my other bottles do. Don’t get me wrong- I HATE doing unsatifactory reviews- but I honestly do not see myself using any of these colors on a regular basis. The only recommendation I can give with this product is possibly for a starter nail polish kit for a someone 13 or under. It’s a safe brand to start off with but I was HIGHLY disappointed.

Comment below if you have used any of these polishes and had different experiences! I’d love to see what your experiences were.

xx- varnishta





Once upon a time, I lived in a world only filled with emery boards and metal nail files. Those were simpler times- that was, until i discovered the glass nail file. I honestly didn’t know they made glass nail files and I was nervous to try them. However, I found this particular brand for $2.80 online, so I decided to try it out.

Let me tell you, best decision ever.

I was nervous to use it at first because it looked so pretty. It isn’t some heavy plastic file masquerading as glass. No, it is as advertised, which is always something I take to heart. Plus, it just feels nice against your nails and has a certain durability that emery boards and even metal files can’t really live up to. I’d definitely recommend it!

The only drawbacks are the scratchings left over on the file make it look a little ragged after a while. But not so much so that you can’t still use it. It isn’t small either! It’s a nice width so you can get the full use out of the file and still come back for more. So Varnishtas, if you haven’t already made the switch- ugrade with class by switching to glass!

xx- varnishta




I adore this color. I have to come right out and say it- I knew from the moment I saw this color I was going to fall completely in love with it. Daredevil is a part of the Filled With Hears Collection from Sinful Colors and by far one of the prettiest iridescent pinks I have ever had in my collection. It legitimately shines in the daylight and is a definite showstopper on the street. I’ve probably had more compliments on this color of pink than any pink I have ever worn!

However….and I hate to say however to this beautiful color, there were two major drawbacks from this varnish; the dry time and the chipping.



I notice this with a lot of Sinful Colors is that about 80% of the polish lasts after 1 week of wear. Now that’s pretty good compared to some! However, I’m used to my polishes lasting a while so I was irritated that after 3 days my polish began to crack and chip.

Also, it takes a LONG time to dry on your nails. Many of you know that I use a nail fan, so it usually takes about 10 minutes tops for most of my varnishes to dry- but this manicure needed a good 20 minute sit down before I even felt comfortable simply walking into a different room.

Yet….look at the color! Look at it! I think sometimes you have to accept some of the drawbacks and for $1.98, I can’t really complain too much.

For the color – A+

For the upkeep and lasting quality – B- 

xx- Varnishta